Transfer Student FAQs

Information for transfer students from the moment of first-look at the University of Maryland (UM) through the end of the first semester are covered in the sections below. Basic questions are addressed and contacts provided. For your convenience, each section is provided in a version for printing.

      • Who is a transfer student.
        Transfer students come to the University of Maryland with a wide range of education experiences. Information on transfer-status is covered in this section.
      • The transfer process.
        Applying to the University of Maryland as a transfer student and also the basics on credits, degree requirements, Limited Enrollment Programs (LEPs) and the Math Placement exam are covered here.
      • The Maryland Transfer Advantage Program.
        A partnership between the University of Maryland and the community colleges: Anne Arundel Community College, College of Southern Maryland, Montgomery College, and Prince George's Community College.
      • International transfer students.
        Among the questions answered in this section are those concerning language requirements, visas and work permits, and the transfer of credits from institutions outside of the United States.
      • About the University of Maryland
        Basic information about degree requirements and costs are covered in this section.
      • About financial aid.
        Financial aid is often a concern for students applying to the University of Maryland. Basic financial aid information for transfer students is covered.
      • After being accepted.
        Information about honors programs, Shady Grove, online courses, weekend courses and contacting an advisor are covered here.
      • Transfer Student Orientation Program
        Find out about the orientation program specifically designed for the transfer student. Attending the first orientation program available will provide the best selection of course times and offerings.
      • Computers and email.
        Here you will find answers to your questions about computer requirements, computer facilities, and email.
      • Student life.
        Questions ranging from housing to healthcare and parking to childcare are among those you will find answered.